Is Psychedelic Medicine the Antidote to Anti-Black White Racism in the US?

Darron T. Smith, Ph.D Being Black in the US is to learn to live with persistent racial slights, slurs, insults and even violence. Racial mistreatment or […]

Psychedelic Illusions are Not Pathological, and May Even Help You See Better

Marcelo Leite Annoyed by the endless conversation, a man in his sixties leaves the group, walks a short way down the dirt path and finds himself […]

Medicinal Abortions in Mexican History: Botanical Knowledge Retained

Nora Jaffary You might assume that medicinal contraceptives are recent products of modern western science. In fact, Indigenous healers and midwives in the Americas used botanical […]

Innovating Native American Health Care Using Culture and Technology With Sutton King

Maria Mocerino Sutton King is an Afro-Indigenous activist who is innovating Native healthcare services and building sustainable businesses for Native and Indigenous peoples. As the former […]

Abortion, Plants, & Whispered Networks of Botanical Knowledge

Naomi Rendina The famous Supreme Court of the United States decision Roe v. Wade (1973) is a landmark in abortion rights, enshrining legal access to elective abortive procedures […]

Press Release: The Wixárika Regional Council for the Defense of Wirikuta neither recognizes the Valadez family nor Decriminalize Nature

Wixárika Regional Council The Wixárika Regional Council for the Defense of Wirikuta made up of the Traditional, Civil and Agricultural Authorities of the Communities of Bancos […]

A Historian’s Reflection on Music and Psychedelics

Wendy Kline Nothing prepared me for this transcendental experience. By then, performing music in a church was part of my weekly routine. My mother was the […]

Psychedelic Science Shies Away from Mysticism Without Losing Its Tenderness

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Supporting Indigenous Autonomy Means Participating in a Story of Relationship

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How Music Therapists Helped Build Psychedelic Therapy

Stephen Lett By the late 1950s, music’s vital contribution to psychedelic therapy was well-established. A brief mention of music seems almost obligatory in a central strain of the literature. When discussing their methods in a 1961 article, […]

Preserving Entangled Ayahuasca

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Ayahuasca, Healing and Cognitive Justice

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“Please Write Up Your Work!”: Laura Archera Huxley as a Psychedelic Pioneer

Andrea Ens “If a person doesn’t do something either useful or beautiful, then one doesn’t have any right to take the oxygen of people and the […]

Coronavirus and Evolving Ceremonial Practice Among Ayahuasca Practitioners in the US

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