Confronting Inequity and Seeking Social Justice in the Psychedelic Movement

Diana Negrín On April 20, an Indigenous Nasa governor from Colombia, Sandra Liliana Peña, was assassinated. Her death is evidence of the intensification of violence against the […]

Peyote Conservation & the Decriminalization Movement: Navigating the Complexity

Webinar May 25th, 20214:30-6:00 PST  Registrations close at noon PST on May 25th IPCI will answer questions about the delicate ecological status of Peyote and how […]

Understanding the History of Rastafari and the Sacramental Use of Ganja with Jahlani Niaah

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Anaïs Nin and the Vocabulary of the Psychedelic Experience

Zoë Dubus and Pierre Leger Compared to other psychotropic drugs available in the 1950s, LSD induced “something phenomenal, … of unimaginable intensity,” according to its creator […]

Open Letter to the Psychedelic Movement Regarding Peyote in Policy Efforts and How to be an Ally to Indigenous Peoples of North America

IPCI Communication Community As a Psychedelic movement gains momentum here in the United States a debate has emerged over whether or not to include Peyote in […]

Who’s in Charge of Psilocybin?

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Exploring the Path of the Healer with Dr. Stephanie Michael Stewart

Sean Lawlor Stephanie Stewart has taken quite a journey to arrive where she now is, and there’s no doubt her journey will continue. She grew up […]

A Song for the Underground Psychedelic Psychotherapist

Reilly Capps When someone asks for a fake name in a story, it’s usually either because they’re involved in something terrible or terrific. Survivors of sex […]

A Century of Mescaline

Mike Jay Mescaline was first synthesized in 1919 by the chemist Ernst Späth in the laboratories of Vienna University, from the organic base of 3,4,5-trimethoxy-benzoic acid, […]

Lauretta Bender: Seminal Psychiatrist & Forgotten Psychedelic Pioneer

Chris Elcock As historians gradually shed more light on women’s perspectives in the rich history of psychedelics, we are slowly beginning to see the underappreciated role […]

The Scientific Study of Ayahuasca Ethno-Varieties with Regina Célia de Oliveira

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Nancy Turner and the Work of Preserving Plant Knowledge

Erika Dyck I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Nancy Turner over zoom this March. A prolific author, a distinguished ethnobotanist, and recipient of the Order […]

Oregon’s and Compass’s Opposite Approaches to Psilocybin Therapy Should Coexist, Says Initiator of Measure 109

Marcelo Leite At the present stage of the psychedelic renaissance, it becomes increasingly evident that it is far from a coherent movement of researchers, investors, and […]

New Plant Medicine Healing Alliance Launches: Aims to Decriminalize Plant and Fungi Medicines for Group Healing

Nathan Howard The Alliance, which is working in partnership with leaders from the medical community, veterans and indigenous stakeholders among others, has a dual mission of […]