Decriminalize Nature Targets Peyote: Drug Reform or Settler Colonialism?

Bia Labate and Kevin Feeney Peyote, a psychoactive cactus considered sacred by many Native Americans, has recently been caught up in a political movement to decriminalize […]

Cactus Conservation Institute Clarification Note about Decriminalize Nature Claims

It has been brought to our attention that Decriminalize Nature has presented words from our most recent article in their social media in a way that implies we […]

Book Launch: Queering Psychedelics: From Oppression to Liberation in Psychedelic Medicine

We are excited to announce an in-person book launch for Chacruna’s new book Queering Psychedelics. The event will include a panel discussion with Dr. Bia Labate, Dr. Alex […]

Psicodélicos têm estreia discreta em Davos

Evento paralelo ao Fórum Econômico Mundial anunciou renascimento de enteógenos Além da ausência de neve, o convescote anual de ricos e poderosos na estação suíça de […]

Policy and Legal Considerations for Religious and Community Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms under Oregon Measure 109

Jon Dennis On May 25, the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board (OPAB) will vote on whether to recommend adopting the proposed model regulatory framework for religious liberties and community access under […]

The Navajo Nation to Protect the Sanctity of Azeé – Peyote Medicine from Legalization and Commercial Use

The Azeé Bee Nahagha of Diné Nation (ABNDN, Inc.) held the summit at Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort, where task force members discussed ways to oppose […]

Press Release – Chacruna Institute Celebrates a Groundbreaking New Collection

The Chacruna Institute announces the publication of Women in Psychedelics: Uncovering Invisible Voices [Book in Spanish], an indispensable new collection of short essays by authors from the Chacruna […]

Book Launch: Women & Psychedelics: Uncovering Invisible Voices

This collection of short essays examines the place of women in the history of psychedelics. While some of the subjects are clearly pioneers in their own […]

Tea and Ashes: How Ayahuasca Can Help You Quit Smoking

Dimitri Daldegan-Bueno Before discussing the research itself, it is essential to contextualize the subject. In addition to high blood pressure, smoking is the most significant risk […]

Missing in Action: Where are all the White Allies?

Dana Strauss In the wake of a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and the unjust killing of many Black Americans at the hands of […]

Reflections on Chacruna’s Religion and Psychedelics Forum

Erik Davis I am currently recovering from three very full days of the Chacruna Institute’s Religion and Psychedelics Forum. The event went amazingly well, with a […]

Real Reciprocity: The People Who Brought You Sacred Plant Medicine Need Your Support

Artionka Capiberibe First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Bia Labate for the invitation to participate in the closing of this forum. The event […]

Railler les psychédéliques : une critique du dénigrement de la conférence Queering Psychedelics par Jacques Mabit

Justin Natoli En tant que personne queer et non binaire, je suis habitué·e à aller à l’encontre des idées reçues concernant le genre et la sexualité. […]

Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas: A Respectful Path Forward for the Psychedelic Movement

Joseph Mays, Daniela Peluso and Bia Labate As the “psychedelic renaissance” thrives, the psychedelic community finds itself navigating the merging realms of social, ecological, and political […]